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Published 06/07/2024

Online Onboarding Software - Why is Online Onboarding Important?

An Online Onboarding system is a critical component for the onboarding of new hires, new starters and any worker who is starting on day one in the workplace. It helps ensure employees are job ready, safe, compliant and aware of the procedures and policies to conduct their job, role or task properly. Online Onboarding software typically involves a workflow such as the completion of new starter forms, collection of licenses or evidence of training, onboarding the new staffer, employee, contractor or new hire through role, organization or site specific content which might include HR and safety topics, onboarding checklists and assessments to ensure they understand and acknowledge these areas. This might be delivered through an onboarding portal as part of your overall employee onboarding system and include an onboarding checklist. Commonly, employee onboarding is done before the staff member arrives in the workplace, done from their home or prior to starting, sometimes as their first action after being told they have the job or asked to come in to perform their job activity. Onboarding maye also be for your customers too with a customer onboarding process. (What is Onboarding)

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Onboarding Platform for Creating the best New Hire Onboarding Experience

Every company wants to introduce their newest staff members in a way that is engaging and memorable. An ideal onboarding program should provide comfort, structure, clarity and trust between new hires and the rest of the team. It's not only important for increasing productivity and fostering employee engagement but quick orientation also helps your new hire feel welcomed from day one!

From personalized welcome kits to holistic organizational overviews - onboarding is an integral part of any successful recruitment strategy. Here are some steps that can be used as an outline for creating than perfect experience: carefully assist each individual in completing all initial paperwork; offer a clear understanding on expectations through comprehensive job descriptions; and thoroughly familiarize newbies with values, mission statement policies & procedures. Also it's imperative to recognize professional development opportunities provided by HR teams in order to support fast integration into operational processes - whether it's collaborative workflows or digital toolsets utilized throughout organization.

Check out our tools to create onboarding courses, new hire check lists, forms, assessments, onboarding playbook and workflows for onboarding new hires into your workplace through an onboarding portal. Ensure all new employees go through the best onboarding experience online. Setup custom onboarding workflows unique to your workplace and a truly personalized and engaging onboarding experience for your new hires along with automated onboarding nudges and follow ups throughout their employment.

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A best practice employee onboarding platform should also provide an engaging digital experience filled with helpful tutorials and informational content that allows new hires to jumpstart their learning journey into a smooth transition into their role within the organization. This helps increase motivation and morale while reducing stress that can come with change-management initiatives.

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Employee Onboarding System >> What is employee online onboarding?

What is Employee Onboarding?

Onboarding is a broad term that applies to the process of engaging a new staff member to a new workplace. Right from the phone call where a new employee has been told they got the job, the onboarding process begins.

An onboarding process involves defining how your organisation sets its culture for new starters. This is done through an orientation on important policies and procedures for working in the organisation and information about the organisations goals, management team and more. The onboarding process should collect required documents and materials from the new starter such as evidence of training, compliance materials, payrol, HR details and emergency contact details. Finally, assessing the new starter to ensure they understand important materials with questionnaires and check lists.

It's common for an employee onboarding process to have a certificate of completion at the end and schedule re-onboarding in 12 months time to ensure ongoing compliance. Onboarding applies to employees, visitors and contractors. Modern ways to set this up are commonly done via an employee onboarding app

Upload your existing orientation content!

Setup a dedicated company onboarding portal and create your own custom mobile App for onboarding your employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors into your workplace, site or project. Setup Employee Onboarding forms through to uploading contractor presentations.

Deliver contractor and employee training to workers online

Complete the onboarding process via an onboarding app or setup an onboarding portal. You can set up the specific workflows you want new hires to go through including online forms they need to complete, courses they need to go through, assessments to test their knowledge, check lists, document libraries and issue a certificate or card.

Online Onboarding System with Library of ready to go Courses

Use our ready to go onboarding courses that you can edit and personalise as well. Courses range from work place courses through to safety and compliance courses.

Capture licenses, certifications and required information

Create online forms to capture trade certificates, insurances, HR information such as next of kin, new employee details, payrol details and compliance forms

How can Online Onboarding benefit your organisation?

Assessments, Check Lists and Document Libraries

Set up online tests and assessments, interactive check lists and a document library of your policies and procedures, plans and more. Employee Onboarding Software to do it all and online!

Fully Customised To Your Requirements

One size doesn't fit all, each portal can be entirely to how you want it to work, function and specific to your organisations workflow. Setup New Product Onboarding through to New Clients and online I-9 Forms.

Employee Onboarding Check List

Create a check list that new employees go through to make sure they understand and acknowledge important workplace policies, procedures, emergency and safety details and more

Onboarding Compliance

Ensure all employees and staff are compliant before they start working at your workplace. Your onboarding process can ensure they are completely compliant before they step foot in the building. It can also ensure their ongoing compliance while they are employed with you.

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