Free Employee Onboarding App

Free employee onboarding app where your staff can onboard free. Perfect for organisations that need to onboard new hires. No per user fees so that your new hires can onboard for free using our mobile onboarding app.

It starts with issuing your new hire their employment letter of offer and employment contract.

From there you can issue resources, welcome letter and onboarding materials in preparation for their first day.

Post day 1 workflows for both the new hire employee and managers too. For employees, you might schedule a day 1 feedback, week 1 review, month 1 review. For managers you might have workflows specific to making sure the manager has checked in with their employee, making sure they have set them up, meet the team, site tour, workstation setup, feedback loops and other post day 1 activities that help ensure the new employee is being onboarded into the organisation ok.

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Free Employee Onboarding App

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