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Online Onboarding App

Organisation specific onboarding App

Setup your entire onboarding process on mobile and tablet with the leading online onboarding app.

Customise the steps so that you can have your own personalised onboarding process, specific to your organisation. Create data collection forms, onboarding content steps, check lists, assessments, document libraries and more

Policy Library

Choose from a library of policies and procedures

Create your own policies using our policy editor

Easily control and distribute to employees for acknowledgement online via the onboarding app

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iPhone/Tablet or Android Onboarding App

New employees register for access and proceed through the specific onboarding steps you have setup for them

Are there online forms to complete for new staff? What do you need to collect from new starters? licenses or certifications and evidence of Training? You can setup automatic reminders for them these items expire as well and collect everything directly from the app. Users download the app and compelte their onboarding forms from it.

Think about the onboarding content you want to setup for new starters. They can complete all the new employee onboarding mateiral via the app before they start their first day.

Make sure they acknowledge and understand important policies, procedures and other onboarding materials via an interactive check list and assessment.

Issue a completely certificate or digitial card as proof they completed the onboarding process.

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